Titanium, available in both the commercially pure or alloy form, is widely used in many critical and highly-stressed parts, thanks to its combination of a high strength-to-weight ratio (it’s 40% lighter than steel), excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Among its many applications are static and rotating gas turbine engine components, heat exchangers, nuclear power plants and medical implants and prostheses. Available in all the usual product forms, it is also supplied in precision castings for near-net shape which reduce the amount of material loss.

Commercially Pure Grades

Grade British Specs US Specs ASTM Specs German Specs French Specs
Grade 1 AMS-T-9046B CP4
AMS 4940 MIL-T-9046J CP4
ASTM B265 Gr1 Sheet/plate
ASTM B337 Gr1 pipe (withdrawn)
ASTM B338 Gr1 heat exchange tube
ASTM B348 Gr1 bar
ASTM B367 Gr1 castings
ASTM B381 Gr1 forgings
ASTM F67 Gr1 Surgical Implant
ASTM F467 Gr1 nuts
ASTM F468 Gr 1 bolts
WS 3.7024 CP Grade 1
WS 3.7025 CP Grade 1
T35- CP Grade 1
Grade 2 TA1 sheet/strip
TA2 sheet/strip
TA3 bar (obs)
TA4 forging (obs)
TA5 forging (obs) DTD 5073
IMI 125
AMS-T-9046B CP3
AMS 4902 MIL-T-9046J CP3
AMS 4941
AMS 4942
AMS 4951 Welding wire*
ASTM B265 Gr2 Sheet/plate
ASTM B337 Gr2 pipe (withdrawn)
ASTM B338 Gr2 heat exchange tube*
ASTM B348 Gr2 bar
ASTM B367 Gr2 castings
ASTM B381 Gr2 forgings
ASTM F67 Gr2 Surgical Implant
ASTM F467 Gr2 nuts
ASTM F468 Gr2 bolts
WS 3.7034 CP Grade 2
WS 3.7035 CP Grade 2
T40- CP Grade 2
T40- AIR 9182
Grade 3 MSRR 8608
DTD 5003
DTD 5023

AMS-T-9046B CP2
AMS 4900

MIL-T-9046J CP2

ASTM B265 Gr3 Sheet/plate
ASTM B337 Gr3 pipe (withdrawn)
ASTM B338 Gr3 heat exchange tube*
ASTM B348 Gr3 bar
ASTM B367 Gr3 castings
ASTM B381 Gr3 forgings
ASTM F67 Gr3 Surgical Implant
ASTM F467 Gr3 nuts
ASTM F468 Gr3 bolts
WS 3.7054 CP Grade 3
WS 3.7055 CP Grade 3
T50- CP Grade 3
Grade 4 TA6
AMS-T-9046B CP1
AMS-T-9047A CP70
AMS 4901
AMS 4921 MIL-T-9046J CP1
MIL-T-9047G CP70
ASTM B265 Gr4 Sheet/plate
ASTM B337 Gr4 pipe (withdrawn)
ASTM B338 Gr4 heat exchange tube*
ASTM B348 Gr4 bar
ASTM B367 Gr4 castings
ASTM B381 Gr4 forgings
ASTM F67 Gr4 Surgical Implant
ASTM F467 Gr4 nuts
ASTM F468 Gr4 bolts
WS 3.7064 CP Grade 4
WS 3.7065 CP Grade 4
T60- CP Grade 4
Grade 7 ASTM B265 Gr7 Sheet/plate
ASTM B337 Gr7 pipe (withdrawn)
ASTM B338 Gr7 heat exchange tube*
ASTM B348 Gr7 bar
ASTM B367 Gr7 castings
ASTM B381 Gr7 forgings
ASTM F467 Gr7 nuts
ASTM F468 Gr7 bolts
Grade 12 ASTM B265 Gr12 Sheet/plate
ASTM B337 Gr12 pipe (withdrawn)
ASTM B338 Gr12 heat exchange tube*
ASTM B348 Gr12 bar
ASTM B367 Gr12 castings
ASTM B381 Gr12 forgings
ASTM F467 Gr12 nuts
ASTM F468 Gr12 bolts


Alpha Titanium Alloys

Grade British Specs US Specs ASTM Specs German Specs French Specs
Grade 6
DTD 5083
TA14 (w/drawn)
TA15 (w/drawn)
TA16 (w/drawn)
TA17 (w/drawn)
AMS 4909
AMS 4910
AMS 4924
AMS 4926
AMS 4966
AMS-T-9046B A-1
AMS-T-9047A 5Al-2.5Sn
AMS-T-9046B A-2 (ELI)
AMS-T-9047A 5Al-2.5Sn (ELI)
MIL-T-9046J A-1
MIL-T-9046J A-2 (ELI)
MIL-T-9046H Type II Comp A
MIL-T-9046H Type II Comp B
ASTM B265 Gr6 Sheet/plate
ASTM B348 Gr6 bar
ASTM B367 Gr6 castings
ASTM B381 Gr6 forgings
WS 3.7114 T-A5E
8Al-1Mo-1V AMS 4915
AMS 4916
AMS 4972
AMS 6910
AMS-T-9046B A-4
AMS-T-9047A 8Al-1Mo-1v
MIL-T-9046J A-4
MIL-T-9046H Type II Comp F
MIL-T-9047G 8Al-1Mo-1V
WS 3.7134 T-A8DV

Alpha-Beta Titanium Alloys

Grade British Specs US Specs ASTM Specs German Specs French Specs
Grade 5
TA59MSRR 8614
MSRR 8652
AIMS 03/18/001
DTD 5163
DTD 5363
AMS 4907 ELI
AMS 4911
AMS 4928
AMS 4930 ELI
AMS 4931 ELI Duplex ann
AMS 4963
AMS 4965
AMS 4967
AMS 4985
AMS 4991
AMS 6931
AMS 6932
MIL-T-9046J AB-1
MIL-T-9046J AB-2 (ELI)
MIL-T-9046H Type 3 Comp C
MIL-T-9046H Type 3 Comp D
AMS-T-9046B AB-1
AMS-T-9046B AB-2 (ELI)
MIL-T-9047G 6Al-4v
MIL-T-9047G 6Al-4v (ELI)
AMS-T-9047A 6Al-4v
AMS-T-9047A 6Al-4v (ELI
ASTM B265 Gr5 Sheet/plate
ASTM B348 Gr5 bar
ASTM B367 Gr5 castings
ASTM B381 Gr5 forgings
ASTM F136 Gr5 Implant Grade(*ground*)
ASTM F467 Gr5 nuts
ASTM F468 Gr5 bolts
WS 3.7164 (aerospace)
WS 3.7165
T-A6VE (6Al-4V ELI)
Grade 9
AMS 4943
AMS 4944
AMS 4945
AMS-T-9046B AB-5
AMS-T-9047A 3Al-2.5V
MIL-T-9046J AB-5
MIL-T-9047 3Al-2.5V
ASTM B265 Gr6 Sheet/plate
ASTM B348 Gr6 bar
ASTM B367 Gr6 castings
ASTM B381 Gr6 forgings
6Al-6V-2Sn AMS 4918
AMS 4971
AMS 4978
AMS 4979
AMS 6935
AMS 6936
AMS-T-9046B AB-3
AMS-T-9047A 6Al-6V-2Sn
MIL-T-9046J AB-3
MIL-T-9047G 6Al-6V-2Sn
MIL-T-9046H Type III Comp E
WS 3.7174 T-A6V6E2
6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo TA18 (w/drawn)
TA19 (w/drawn)
TA20 (w/drawn)
TA25 (w/drawn)
TA26 (w/drawn)
TA27 (w/drawn)
AMS 4919
AMS 4975
AMS 4981
AMS 6905
AMS-T-9046B AB-4
AMS-T-9047A 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo
MIL-T-9046J AB-4
MIL-T-9047G 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo
MIL-T-9046H Type III Comp G
WS 3.7144 T-A6ZR4DE
6Al-7Nb ASTM F-1295
ISO 5832-11